Owner Jan Schawe talks about his own Mutterland Bakery, where fresh bread is baked and created every day.

Text: Jan Schawe | Photo: Hans Ripa

"We serve our fine pastries in our cafes or package them to take home."

Our employees could and can all proudly wave their vita; a lot of expertise, accumulated from stations such as the Louis C. Jacob Hamburg, the Confiserie Gmeiner or the Hotel Vier Jahreszeiten, make our baked goods so particularly delicious.


We started with seasonal juicy cakes and tartlets, and together we have developed many a savory delicacy in addition to savory quiches! And since culinary creativity never sleeps, our range of baked goods is constantly being refined. So that there is something for every sweet tooth, new delicious creatives are always discovering the light of the cake counter.


And as you would expect from Mutterland, there is no place for artificial ingredients or ready-mixes in our recipes! We uncompromisingly rely on exactly the kind of baking that made us happy in our earliest childhood with our own grandma and mom: We stoically follow the traditional, artisanal way and use only the best ingredients! We vehemently reject raw materials or animal products from factory farming! The ingredients used come from the region, from species-appropriate animal husbandry and fresh sustainable cultivation. Meanwhile, all vegans can also enjoy our delicious Mutterland cookies!


When tasting our handmade baked goods, I wish you much fun and enjoyment!

Ever since I founded Mutterland in 2007, I've wanted my own bakery for my business. Making our own cakes, cupcakes and the like was my dream from the very beginning. However, fulfilling this dream also meant a large investment that first had to be saved up bit by bit.

"For the highest pleasure, our pastry chefs give their all every day."

The planning, implementation, recipe development of our pastries and the selection of good employees were then finally completed in 2015 and the starting signal was given: we moved with waving flags into a light-flooded, large bakery, where our ovens have been running ever since, baking fresh every day all the crispy things that a cheerful, young pastry team produces with a lot of expertise, skill and passion.


... that Germany is considered the Mutterland of the baking culture. However, statistically speaking, one bakery dies every day in Germany. The number of craft bakeries has fallen by 40,000 businesses in the last 60 years! The problem of traditional bakeries comes from baking machines, ready-made baking mixes and industrially produced dough from abroad. You can also find an interesting report on this here: