The original Mutterland gift bag is the perfect packaging for lovingly selected gifts. Whether for friends, family, business partners or colleagues - the Mutterland gift bag is unique and the special gift packaging for birthdays, anniversaries, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, as a thank you or just in between.


Text by Caroline Becker | Photo by Hans Ripa

Whatever delicacies you choose, we will always pack your selected delicacies for you in our store, in our online store and for bulk orders.

The paper bag, traditionally made in Germany from high-quality, black wrapping paper, is filled with your delicatessen selection and protective wood wool. The Mutterland gift bag is then sewn shut by us with a quilted seam and provided with a high-quality embossed paper flag with greeting message. The special gift is ready. After all, it's not only the contents that matter, but also the packaging, right?

You can choose from classic and seasonal greetings. For corporate customers we offer individual gift flags as desired. So you can include your company logo, advertising messages or your personalized message.

You can choose from other following messages:
Merry Christmas | Merry Christmas and Happy New Year | Kling Glöckchen | Leise rieselt der Schnee | Alle Jahre wieder | Danke |A Surprise | For the Best Father | For the Best Mother | For You | Birthday Boy | Congratulations | Greetings from Hamburg ahoy | Handmade in Germany | I love you | Caviar | Chosen with love | Moin Moin | Nothing | Present | Scandal Noodle | Instead of Flowers | Trallala | Innocence from the Country | Crazy | Good Luck | Surprise Bag | Care Package ...

1. our gift bag comes in three sizes. |2. Your selected delicacies are carefully bedded on wood wool. | 3. the red thread! Sewed tightly with our sewing machine, so that cheeky badgers can't peek prematurely. | 4. the embossed flags are made in northern Germany. They are available with many different greetings. For loving self-labeling also blank.


... that the sewn-up gift bag was a Mutterland idea developed back in 2005? The inspiration for the Mutterland gift bags were earlier potato and flour sacks that had already been sewn shut for many decades. Mutterland reinterpreted this traditional food packaging and for the first time created the unique gift packaging with the typical Mutterland gift flag from it. Although this idea has been copied sporadically in recent years, as the saying goes: an original remains an original! #original