The Franzbrötchen belongs to Hamburg like the Michel and the Hafengeburtstag. Traditionally made from puff pastry with cinnamon and sugar, it is an integral part of the Hanseatic culinary tradition. We bake Hamburg's favorite pastry in especially delicious variations fresh daily in our in-house Mutterland bakery.

Text: Elisabeth Rönz | Photo: Hans Ripa

"For the highest pleasure we give everything every day."

Traditional handwork and the best ingredients are what make the Franz. Thereby, any additives are deliberately avoided. Instead, the focus is on regionality: The eggs used as well as butter and milk come from species-appropriate animal husbandry from farms in the Hamburg area.

Hamburgers agree that a Franzbrötchen is always good. No matter whether as breakfast, dessert or in between. Add a cup of coffee or tea and the Hanseatic culinary experience is complete. For company events, caterings or for a coffee chat with friends, the Franzbrötchen can also be conveniently ordered as a whole form with nine pieces each.

Our confectioners put a lot of love and a lot of cinnamon into the preparation of the Mutterland Franzbrötchen. For our Franz, as he is affectionately called, the bakery processes a very special variety of cinnamon - intense, aromatic and delicate in taste.

The Franz goes into the oven in a round baking pan with nine snails each. This makes it particularly moist and it still tastes wonderfully fresh even in the evening. The shape of the Mutterland Franz is also a tribute to the origin of the Franz roll, because it developed a long time ago from the cinnamon bun.

In addition to the classic with cinnamon and sugar, there are three other flavors: fruity apple, creamy cream cheese and, for those with a sweet tooth, chocolate.

"The Franz is juicy and intense taste"


Our delicious Franz is also available in Cölln's motherland.


Our French rolls are baked fresh daily in our bakery.


... that according to tradition, in the 17th century there was an elongated Franz]which was similar to the baguette. A baker in Hamburg is said to have fried such a French bread in a pan with fat. From it the today's Franzbrötchen is to have developed. Others say: "Everything you find about this, whether in print or on the net, is pure speculation.